My name is Simrah Farrukh and I am a first generation Pakistani-American and the creator of Simbazaar. I come from a family of artists, and in all that I create, I incorporate my heritage. I’ve watched the media portray my culture and religion in a negative light since I was 13 years old, and now I’m striving to change those perspectives. Simbazaar is my way of showing the world the beauty of South Asian culture. It’s not always easy being a Pakistani/Indian girl, so my designs illustrate the obstacles as well. My goal with Simbazaar is to empower South Asian girls by embracing and celebrating what makes us different, starting with our generation. Let’s be proud of who we are.

Simbazaar is all about peace and empowerment, and I hope you’ll join me in spreading this message.



for inquiries: shopsimbazaar@gmail.com

instagram: @Simbazaar , @Simrahfarrukh